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Thoughts are the most powerful forces in a child's universe. The thoughts children think each day influence every aspect of their lives. Their attitudes, choices, personality, and who they ultimately become as individuals, are all products of their thinking.

We all want our children to have positive attitudes, make wise choices and feel good about themselves. This is obvious. What is not so obvious is how to achieve this. Courses in thinking have never been part of the regular school curriculum. How to think with purpose and clarity is a skill that needs to be taught at home. It falls upon us as parents to instill good thinking habits in our children.

Until recently, little was known or understood about the science of mind power. Fortunately this is no longer true. Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, mind power is a well-respected practice used daily by millions. Contemporary media, whether it be mass circulation magazines, TV documentaries or scholarly publications such as The New England Journal of Medicine, abound in material extolling the virtues of training the mind. Sports icons such as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan share how mental training complements their physical workouts, with noticeable results. Entertainment celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Carrey speak glowingly of the results they've achieved by using mind power. It has become almost common knowledge that mind power techniques such as visualization and affirmations, practiced regularly, increase performance.

However, even with all this attention, the practice of mind power has been overlooked by perhaps the most influential segment of our society - parents. For whatever reason, it seems to have eluded parents and teachers that what has worked so successfully with adults could be adapted and taught to children. Everyone assumed that mind power was an adult practice, that young children would be unable to understand or use these methods. Fortunately, this is not the case. Children not only take easily to mind power, but thrive using the techniques.

We have spent the last ten years teaching the unique Mind Power program presented in the book Mind Power for Children to thousands of children of all ages. The results have been spectacular and lasting. Children's potential was explored and expanded in ways we had not even envisioned when we began our first program. Our hope is that by sharing these stories and experiences, you will feel inspired to follow this path with the children in your life.

Understanding Thoughts as Energy
Mind power is based upon the scientific discovery that everything at its purest and deepest essence is energy. The walls in your home, the clothes you are wearing, the book in your hands, all are at the most basic level vibrating energy. Our thoughts too consist of this same energy, and are powerful forces in and of themselves. Thought is forever attempting to find form, is always looking for an outlet, always trying to manifest itself into its physical equivalent. Our thoughts can be compared to sparks from a fire. Though they contain the essence and potential power of the flame, they manifest as a flash and then dissipate quickly. They last only a few seconds. Because of this, a single unaided thought may not seem to have much power in and of itself. However, through repetition, our thoughts can become concentrated and directed, and their force is magnified many times. The more a thought is repeated, the more energy and power it generates, resonating within us and attracting from the outer reality the circumstances that match the images we hold within. Our experiences in life, and the thoughts we think, are directly related to one another. Understanding this, we encourage our children to work creatively with their thoughts in a fun and systematic way.

Educators and child psychologists have long known that self-esteem, self-image and personality characteristics are formed early in a child's development. What has not been fully appreciated is how dramatically mind power practices, taught early, can encourage positive qualities in a child's life, enhancing their ability to function in their environment with confidence and assurance.

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