Programs for Parents, Educators and Children....
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Intensive Workshop for Parents and Educators

(Full weekend or One evening a week for 4 consecutive weeks)

In the Intensive MIND POWER FOR CHILDREN workshop, we explore each topic in depth, using informal lectures, small group discussion and role-playing. Handouts are provided and additional resources available.

Some of the expanded areas of exploration are:

* Intuition and Imagination

* Multiple Intelligences - Different learning styles for different children

* Parents and teachers working together- Guides for working with your child's school

* Making Friends and Keeping Them

* Personal Archeology

* Conscious Parenting

* MIND POWER games and exercises for children of all ages

* Tips for getting Relatives and Friends to help

* Goal Setting for all ages

* Kids and Money - how to make it, spend it, save it and give it away

* Individual Programs for Individual Families and Personal Consultation

MIND POWER FOR CHILDREN- Introductory Talks / Keynote Address for Schools, Universities, Community Centres, Corporate Offices and Libraries - 1 1/2- 21/2 hours

The amazing power of our own thoughts is a resource we all possess yet under value. More than positive thinking, MIND POWER for CHILDREN, is a tried and true system for helping children to gain high self-esteem, confidence and new skills. Thousands of children around the world are excelling in Mind Power for Children programs that show children they can indeed create their own positive attitude towards the world, themselves and their opportunities in this life.

In this introductory talk Nancy will give a complete over-view of the Mind Power For Children program techniques.

(One 1 -2 hour session a week for 4-6 consecutive weeks or twice weekly for 3-4 weeks)

Working with children in schools, community and home settings, each session focuses upon the various Mind Power techniques and how they can be applied to your child's life. Children learn how to successfully create a Mind Power practice for themselves and how to chart their progress. The emphasis is on each individual child's process and each lesson is taught in a non-competitive atmosphere of mutual support, respect and great fun! Stories, role-playing, games and group activities are used to encourage the understanding of this marvellous system for utilizing the power of your child's thoughts.

Your child will learn:

* How the mind works and how our thoughts affect all areas of our lives

* How to discern the thoughts and feelings that serve us and those that don't.

* How to create positive thought habits and a willingness to take risks

* How to set goals for themselves and eliminate self-doubt

* How to have high self-esteem and positive self-image

* How to apply the techniques in various aspects of their lives- school work, sports, making friends, health, problem solving

MIND POWER FOR CHILDREN is always taught in an atmosphere of good
humour, sensitivity and is absolutely "guilt- free".

MIND POWER FOR CHILDREN is personal empowerment for educators and
parents as well as their children!

For more information and bookings contact - for Vancouver Laura Fluter- Whitelight Promotions 604-461-7919 email:

Anywhere else: Mind Power for Children 604-732-1734