John Kehoe and Nancy Fischer

For over two decades John Kehoe has earned world-wide recognition for his pioneering work in the field of Mind Power. In 1978, Kehoe began teaching the program he developed on the astounding power of thought and how to harness it, and the phenomenal success of his speaking tours soon grew to literally encompass the world. One of the visionary thinkers of his generation, John Kehoe is frequently sought as the subject of interviews for radio, TV and newspaper features worldwide. He has developed programs for sports professionals, hospitals, prisons and Fortune 500 companies.

His best-selling book, Mind Power into the 21st Century, has for years been nothing less than a publishing phenomenon - topping bestseller lists in over a dozen countries, surpassing a million copies in sales worldwide. Technique oriented, Kehoe clearly outlines a bold strategy on how we can make a difference in our personal life, work and our community by harnessing the powers within.r

Nancy Fischer is a master in Early Childhood Education. For almost twenty years, while raising her own two daughters, Nancy's reputation as a dynamic, innovative and award winning teacher kept her in demand both in Canada and internationally presenting workshops advocating the enrichment of children's education. Nancy is presently introducing Mind Power for Children programs in elementary classrooms, sharing her many years of experience, knowledge and infectious enthusiasm with children, parents and teachers everywhere.r for chil


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